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Over the past few years, Howard Leight Hearing Conservation experts have performed studies on ear plug fit effectiveness and the importance of one-on-one training. These studies and technical papers reflect the use of VeriPRO and its ability to enhance any occupational Hearing Conservation program.

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Too Much of a Good Thing: Avoiding Overprotection in Hearing Protection

Hearing protectors are unique among personal protective equipment in that in order to protect our hearing, they make us partially deaf.This can lead to complications not found with other protective equipment, namely, overprotection. The risks of overprotection are very real, and the consequences can be catastrophic. This report provides an overview of overprotection and tactics to prevent further workplace risk or hazards.

Innovative Field Practices

Safety and industrial hygiene professionals at three companies discussed with us how they changed their practices, including the use of VeriPRO, to make their Hearing Conservation Program a preventive force in their company’s safety strategy.

Combating Objections to Hearing Protection Wear

Keeping workers properly protected from hazardous noise and motivated to wear their hearing protectors is a challenge for any safety manager. We offer a series of solutions that can be implemented into any Hearing Conservation Program.

Assessing Fit Effectiveness of Earplugs

The published Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) is a laboratory estimate of a hearing protector’s effectiveness. But how well does that protector actually perform in the ear of a noise-exposed worker in the workplace? In this article, the Howard Leight Acoustical Laboratory establishes the connection between good earplug fit and a personal approach to employee training and education.

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