With more than 30 years of providing innovative hearing safety solutions, Howard Leight understands that successful hearing conservation programs rely not only on great protectors, but on the people who use them.

At the forefront of hearing conservation efforts on and off the job, Howard Leight is committed to creating a new view of hearing protection and conservation that places people first.

For more information please visit HearForever.org

HearForever is an ongoing campaign by Howard Leight to build awareness about the risks, dangers and consequences of noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL).

We’re educators, engineers, audiologists and everyday people who care about Hearing Conservation. We’re dedicated to promoting effective hearing safety practices on and off the job by collecting the latest and best information about Hearing Conservation in one easy-to-use Web site.

HearForever.org is a definitive source for regularly updated details about the latest advances, research and discoveries relating to NIHL. The site also provides an extensive library of existing materials and interactive resources for anyone interested in learning more about the ways NIHL can be measured, reduced and even eliminated.

Listen up. HearForever.

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Inside the EPA's Proposed Change to the Noise Reduction Rating
In an effort to bring the Noise Reduction Ratings [NRR] of hearing protection devices more in line with real-world usage, the United States Environmental Protection Agency [EPA] will soon announce a proposed new regulation for the labeling of hearing protection devices [HPD]. This anticipated regulation will move the Noise Reduction Rating from a fixed number to a range of attenuation a user may achieve with the HPD. While the EPA has not made its official announcement, much is known about the proposed change and has been covered at conferences and in trade publications. Learn more about this prospective change in this “Inside the EPA’s Proposed Change to the Noise Reduction Rating” brochure.




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