It's all about choice.

A commitment to hearing protection means considering all the features that make one ear plug work and fit differently than another: material, shape, size and NRR. Howard Leight makes it easy to compare products and ensure that all your workers receive the right fit and protection.


Disposable Earplugs

An economical and convenient choice for work situations that demand a high degree of comfort, frequent changes, or where hygiene presents a problem for reuse

Reusable Earplugs

Ideal for environments where workers can retain and store earplugs for reuse over time – reducing waste and saving money

Detectable Earplugs

Specially created for environments where contamination by foreign objects is unacceptable

Banded Earplugs

An alternative for those who work in intermittent noise or managers/visitors who move in and out of noise

Dispensers Earplugs

Save time, space and waste with earplug dispensers



HearForever™ is the Next Generation of Hearing Conservation.

Intelligent Protection


Experience VeriPRO™ Field Verification Technology Online.

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Intelligent Hearing Protection and Communication System for enhanced listening, adaptive hearing protection

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