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Polar Hood

This balaclava-style hood with bright green accents provides protection from cold while maintaining optimal attenuation and high-visibility. Patented side panels help eliminate gaps between earcup and ear, reducing hazardous noise exposure. Ideal for airport ground crews, construction and other employees exposed to cold weather conditions. For use with all Howard Leight earmuffs. Fits under most hard hats.


  • Balaclava-style hood provides protection from cold climates while ensuring optimal earmuff   attenuation
  • Patented side panels help to eliminate gap between earcup and ear, reducing hazardous noise exposure
  • Does not distort sound or earmuff attenuation
  • Seal around face prevents further exposure to the elements
  • Adjustable design includes front zipper for ventilation and foldaway visor
  • Bright green trim enhances visibility and safety outdoors
  • Compatible with all Howard Leight earmuffs, fits under most hard hats



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