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VeriShield™ VS110


  • Solutions Users Will Want to Wear
  • Superior hearing protection in a lightweight design. Hearing protection devices are only effective when worn, so comfort is essential. VeriShield fits a wide range of head sizes, have a wide cup opening with memory foam ear cushions, and cushioned headband. 


  • Large dimension range: Comfortably fits a wide range of head sizes. 17% more adjustable than earlier versions.
  • Wide cup opening: Ideal for workers with larger ears, or who wear hearing aids. Opening area of the cup increased by 16% over earlier versions.
  • Lightweight cushioned headband: Steel-wire construction with padded headband and precision micro adjustments designed for just the right fit around the ear.
  • Memory foam ear cushions: New unique memory foam that combines denser and softer foam than previous models, for greater comfort and attenuation. Reduces squeezing pressure on the head and enhances comfort.
  • Robust Construction
  • PPE Integration
  • Air Flow Control Technology



HearForever™ is the Next Generation of Hearing Conservation.

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